Tuesday, August 29, 2006

24 hours

Ingrid, Brian, Avery and myself have completed the 24 hours of afton mountain bike race we completed 17 laps (7 miles each lap) in the 24 hours and it was yet another great Mountain bike race. Our goal, to have fun. and that we did, with a dose of pain. Riding a ski hill for 24 hours really hurts the body. But we didn't come in last and again it was an awsome experience. Again my team mates from TNT came out to chear and check out the scene. Jodie and Kathleen came out for the entre time sleeping a little here and there. It was awsome to have them out for the race. We are already planning a return trip for next year.

first 1/2 Ironman


It has been an interesting season. I have finished my first 1/2 Ironman 1.2 mile swim 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. My goal was to be under 7 hours and I did :-) 6:59:18.

It was a very dificult hilly course. My teammates came down to chear Mike and I on and it was absoutly increadable. And Mike and I are looking at doing a full Ironman Madison for 2007. Yup I said it for all to read. September 11th I will sign up for the full schabang. Eeeek. :-)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My first medal

Well the firehouse 50 went off without a hitch, jodie and I took off ont he motorcycle with the bicycle attached to the back off to grandview. Oh did we get the looks. We met up with Avery in Hayward to head further north to Grandview to start the weekend of racing.

It was a great mornign to start a race temps were holding well and the start was great. Now the first 5 miles of this 50 mile race are up hill to the contiential divide and it really seperates the field. I hung on and keept up with my pack throught mile 45. At one point we were cruising along a flat sections in a group of 150 riders at 38 mph and talking smack. It is such an amazing feeling to be going that fast with little effort in a group that size. I did almost cras shortly after that. I hit a pot hole and both hands slippe off the hoods and I did recover that sent a shock of adreaneline through my sestem. But I finished with my best firehouse 50 race 2:26:00.

We went to Ashland to weat and watch the sunset and get some food adn beverage. I partook in my favorite beer south shore nut browns brewed in Ashland. But I partook a bit to many and got more than a little tipsy. I really wanted ice cream and Jodie was teeasing me it was really fun.

The next morening we got up at 7 ish and I with a bit of a hangover had to run 10 miles of hills for the firehouse 10 mile run race. It hurt. I was shooting for 12 min miles and ended up with 12:44. but I did finish.

We were waiting for peopel to get there medals and I was complaining that I have never got one and then they call out bob, and Jodie was teasing me to go get my medal due to the anouncer taking a long pause, and then the did just that they called my name! ploetz. my group went nuts I got up and got my very first medal Best of both 1st in my age group. I was walking in the clouds. It was so cool.

We had an awsome meal that Kermit caught brown trout on the grill and pack the motorcycle back up and headed the 200 miles back home. I a bit sore but doing well.

Tomorow I leave for a 1000 mile motorcycle trip to spend my 5 year aneversery with my bride in CO for the weekend I know it is a long trip but it will be worth it.

NExt weekend is my 1/2 ironman and I am a bit nervous but it too should be a good time. No tiem for spell chck have to fly.

Bye All.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's Not the Destination, It's the Journey

The Journey:

It is Sunday evening, the race and the post race parties are over. Everything will not sink in for many weeks. But I wanted to post a heart felt thank you for everyone that was there for me physically and mentally for the race. I owe this journey to too many people to list here. Thank you everyone for your support mentally, physically, and monetarily.

I was part of the largest tri team in the history of TNT (Team in Training) and we collectively raised over $270,000 dollars for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS), the largest amount any one team has ever raised. For everyone that donated, you have helped the fight against cancer.

I started this journey selfishly, a chance to train with people and raise a little money for a great cause. What I got was so much more. I am 30lbs lighter, eating healthier, and have gained many friends that I will truly never forget. I posted several months ago that I was looking for something to replace the brotherhood that I had a long time ago while in the fire service. This was all that and so much more.

I raced for Paul L. and his battle with cancer and in memory of my friend Mike R. Sadly Mike lost his Fight with cancer, but on a very positive note Paul is winning his fight. Both of these men were in my thoughts through the entire race. At one point near the end (less than a mile to go) I was hot, tired, sore and ready to almost give up. Then two of my TNT teammates passed me and yelled out their names (Mike and Paul) as they passed me. I was overcome with emotion. I actually started to feel the tears come to my eyes while running, thoughts of them (Paul and Mike), my teammates, and the journey ending, were within 10 minutes to the finish. I finished strong in memory of Mike.

The Race:

If you haven’t heard the race was a hot one, 100 degrees. Due to the weather conditions the officials shortened the course. The swim remained the same 1.5 K swim, the bike was shortened 3 miles to @35 K and the run was cut in half to 5K. The team was upset; we were prepared to go the distance. I am sure the race officials were trying to reduce the amount of people that were not prepared and saving them from heat exhaustion. This was a wise move by the officials.

My goal was to finish around 3 hours; with the heat I was unsure I could accomplish that. With the reduction of the distances I am unsure if I would have made my goal. But, by my calculations, I would have been close if not dead on.



Time 31:57.7

Pace 2:07 / 100m

Category 29 out of 110

Overall place 309 out of 764

Gender overall place 222

Transition #1

Time 2:28.5

Category place 45

Overall place 273

Gender overall place 201


Time 1:04:49.4

Pace 19.7 MPH

Category 71 out of 110

Overall place 371 out of 764

Gender overall place 201

Transition #2

Time 1:47.2

Category place 37

Overall place 281

Gender overall place 205


Time 37:35.5

Pace 12:32 Mile

Category 109 out of 110

Overall place 760 out of 764

Gender overall place 552

Total results

Finish Time 2:18:36.6

Category place 88 out of 110 35-39 age

Overall place 525 out of 764 in Olympic course

Gender overall 410 out of 562 men in Olympic course

The run, as always was my demise. This is an area that I will continue to work on over the next few weeks for the Pigman ½ Ironman.

It is hard to imagine one race, one team, one disease, can bring people together and change so many lives. This is truly an experience/ journey I wish not to end. And for me it doesn’t end here. I will try and instill the same emotions, strength, determination to fight against cancer in my teammates while I am coaching the 2007 Americas Most Beautiful Bike Ride (AMBBR). Through all of our efforts we will find a cure!

Again a THANK YOU must go out to my family, my teammates, my mentors, my coach, my friends, and all of those people that gave me support finically and emotionally.

Thank you,

Safety Bob